Hiza Sand Dunes

CCASS brings together a wealth of expertise at the University of Arizona to support sound management choices in the context of climate change, linking science, information needs of managers, and decision-making. CCASS Associates are individuals from the University of Arizona who are currently engaged in climate adaptation activities or projects, generally as the principal investigators for such efforts.  CCASS Affiliates also work in related areas and are included in the searchable expertise database. 

Thomas Swetnam

Regents' Professor - Dendrochronology
Director - Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Professor (joint appointments) - School of Environment and Natural Resources; School of Geography and Development; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Margaret Wilder

Professor - School of Geography, Development & Environment (SGDE) and Center for Latin American Studies (LAS)
Associate Director - SGDE
Affiliated Faculty - Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy