Collaborator Info


CCASS strives to be an umbrella organization for the many valuable programs and projects across the University of Arizona campus that work in various disciplines within the arena of global change.  Collaborations with both UA-based and external programs allows us to support climate change adaptation and assessment activities at local, regional, national, and international scales.



CCASS collaborates with a wide variety of organizations and experts external to the University of Arizona to help find solutions to climate challenges. External partners include governmental agencies at all levels – local, state, federal, and beyond – NGOs, tribes, and the private sector.


Internal UA

CCASS seeks to strengthen and support these and other adaptation, risk management, and resilience efforts at multiple scales by helping to identify intellectual leadership, train the next generation of scholars and practitioners, and promote engagement with a wider community, with a focus on solutions. These University of Arizona-based programs focused on climate-change adaptation and mitigation are close collaborators with CCASS; many are led by CCASS Associates and Advisors.