Beth Tellman

Assistant Professor - School of Geography, Development & Environment

Adaptation Programs/Projects

Selected Publications

  • Tellman, McSweeney, Manak, Devine, Sesnie, Nielsen, Anayasi. 2021. Journal of IllicitEconomies and Development. Narcotrafficking and Land Control in Guatemala and Honduras. 3(1), pp. 132–159 
  • Tellman, B.*, J. A. Sullivan*, C. Kuhn, A. J. Kettner, C. S. Doyle, G. R. Brakenridge, T. A. Erickson, and D. A. Slayback. 2021. Nature. Satellite Imaging Reveals Increased Proportion of Population Exposed to Floods. 596, no. 7870 (August 5, 2021): 80–86. *equal first authors
  • Magliocca, Torres, Marguiles, McSweeny, Arroyo-Quiroz, Carter, Curtain, Easter, Gore, Hubschle, Masse, Rege, Tellman. 2021. Journal of Illicit Economies and Development. Comparative Analysis of Illicit Supply Network Structure and Operations: Cocaine, Wildlife, and Sand. 3(1), pp.50–73
  • Yague-Martinez, Nestor, Nicholas R Leach, Antara Dasgupta, Elizabeth Tellman, and Jason S Brown. 2021. 2021 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium IGARSS. Towards Frequent Flood Mapping with the Capella SAR System. the 2021 Eastern Australia Floods Case.
  • Devine, Wrathall, Aguilar-Gonzalez, Benessaiah, Tellman, Ghaffari, Ponstingel. 2021. World Development. Narco-Degradation: Cocaine Trafficking’s Environmental Impacts in Central America’s Protected Areas. 144. Doi: 10.1016/j.worlddev.2021.105474


  • Ph.D., Geography, Arizona State University
  • M.S., Environmental Science, Yale University
  • B.S.c., Individual Studies (Sustainable Globalization) & Environmental Studies, Santa Clara University
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Latin America and Caribbean
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Expertise Area
Human Dimensions of Climate Change
Planning and Land Use
Vulnerability Assessment