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A new website focused on Scenario Planning for Climate Adaptation,, has been developed by CCASS and the DOI Southwest Climate Science Center. 

About Us

CCASS/NNCAP welcomes Valerie Small!

Dr. Valerie Small (Apsaalooke'-Crow) has joined the Native Nations Climate Adaptation Program as an Assistant Research Scientist. Dr. Small will be working with Tribes in the Southwest Region in collaboration with CCASS and NNCAP within the Institute of the Environment as well as the Southwest Climate Science Center (SW CSC). She will develop and deliver educational training modules to increase their environmental technical capacity in preparing for, as well as predicting near-term/future effects of climate change.

Prior to joining the UA, Valerie was a training consultant with Colorado State University, Natural Resource Ecology Lab (NREL), working with the North Central Climate Science Center. Her experience includes developing and conducting training and research to support North American Indigenous Tribes adaptation planning efforts to prepare for the effects of a warming climate.  

Services for Affiliates

Affiliation with CCASS offers the following benefits:

  • providing opportunities for professional advancement (e.g., CCASS Graduate Fellowships Program, Distinguished Fellow Program) and professional networking with national and global adaptation experts
  • building visibility and branding climate change adaptation expertise across campus to attract funding for these efforts
  • building and maintaining a database/network of UA personnel who can be consulted and respond to research requests
  • facilitating preparation of proposals and coordinating grant applications
  • providing expertise in the activities, interests, and work underway or planned by federal agencies related to climate change and climate change adaptation
  • facilitating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration and collaborations involving both natural and social scientists
  • facilitating community and stakeholder involvement in research partnerships (practitioners, resource users, public managers) to increase usability of research efforts
  • assisting with writing and editing of synthesis publications on how practitioners and resource managers can use climate impacts and adaptation knowledge to guide decisions
  • networking with new and long-standing international collaborations with Latin America and the developing world

Signing up for the CCASS listserv means you will receive emails from us about Center activities and other topics that are relevant to climate adaptation and may be of interest to you. We will not share your name or email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

When you join the listserv, we will contact you soon afterward to ask how involved you would like to become with CCASS. If you would like to provide additional information about your research interests (topical and geographical) and/or experience, you will be asked to fill out a short form so that your information can be included in the UA Adaptation Expertise Database.

By filling out the form you will become an Affiliate of CCASS. This means that you may be asked from time to time if you are interested in engaging in projects and proposals, in training sessions, or attending meetings and workshops that are held either on campus or in partnership with other adaptation teams elsewhere.  The database will be accessible online, so the information on your expertise and how to contact you will become public.  We are also interested in identifying projects and publications that are generated at the UA so that we can contact you if there are opportunities to engage in new projects or participate in networks of people with similar expertise.

There is a core leadership team for CCASS.  The current members are listed on the Associates page of this site.  The core team will review the affiliates list from time to time and nominate people from that list to become Associates.  Associates are people who are currently  engaged in adaptation activities or projects whose work will be featured by the CCASS website and who are willing to attend regular meetings and engage with us in a variety of ways. You can also nominate yourself or others to be Associates, so please let us know if you have suggestions and we will bring your nomination to the leadership team for consideration.